What is the Status of our Environment Today

Human culture can cause irreversible damage to the environment. Our environment is not in a good state at the moment, yet we all depend on it. The forests, water, or soil are essential things in the environment which are vital to a human’s life. People have engaged in some activities that have brought some changes to the environment. Some people are forced to pay for what fellow men do.


People become sick, and some do not bother to look at the cause of the sickness or deaths occurring. Apart from people dying, it has also been reported that over 100,000 people suffer from chronic diseases due to the gas exposure of our current society. This means that what is our environment is causing people’s death. These deaths are caused by the human activities which result in global warming. Now the big question is if this is the current state, what about 20 years to come? If this trend continues then we are at risk, we are putting the lives of our families at risk. They might have difficulty in continuation of generation.


The beauties of nature that once existed no longer exists. You can read our fun weekend ideas for the family. Occasionally, environmental destruction is on the rise. The pollutants from our households and also factories flow into the rivers and seawater. Currently, there are dead zones in the sea where living animals cannot survive due to the toxic pollution that we humans, have caused. For instance, consumption of contaminated jellyfish exposes an individual to various infections.


Furthermore, the loss and fragmentation of forests, wetlands or mangrove swamps are increasing. Most people are aggressive in looking for money, and in the process, they forget about creatures such as birds. The birds either migrating or nesting on the trees feel threatened due to the impacts of harvest of timber.


The rapid growth of population is also another problem today. As compared to the 19th century, there are more people to be fed today. As a result of the rise in population, there is more pressure on the available resources. In Asia and Pacific regions, the area of land under irrigation has risen. The excessive or poorly managed irrigation may cause degradation of soils and cause salinization.


The use of Chlorofluorocarbons causes depletion of the ozone layer. At times, there is a need to use refrigerators or some sprays such as aerosol, which contain the dangerous Chlorine and Bromide in the atoms. These atoms cause depletion in the ozone layer. The ozone layer is an invisible layer that protects us from the harmful rays of the sun. Once toxic gases reach the upper atmosphere, they form a hole in the ozone layer. This is one of the most current environmental problems. Even though some industries banned the use of these products, some are still using them.


As environmental conservatives, we all have the responsibility of taking care of the environment. Educating people and making them know of the effects of their activities is a significant step that should be put in place. If humans continue living this way, then there will be no future.